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Contemporary artiste painter currently based in Chartres (28000) FRANCE.

Fully engaged in painting, artistic expression since 2006.

Spent his youth in Barcelona city. Then spent 10 months in the UK .....

Since 1992 frequent workshops of painters and sculptors during his professional roaming, to feed gestures, smells, textures, with the desire to create unspeakable.
Throughout this journey, took courses in drawing Barcelona, then at the Academy of Toulouse, Antibes (Hao with Him).

Graduated in Communication Public Relations (Memory of "what public relations for little known or unknown visual artists"), held various professions in France and abroad in various sectors. Later also form an Art trade.

His first real artistic expressions (1995) are shy, black sand paper, and later in oil on paper, mixed media pass, continuing his pictorial research by oil on marble dust and plaster with incorporations.

Now works in oil on canvas (holds his paintings - flax-makes the coating skin glue, white Spain prepares its colors ...) also works on other surfaces .. wood, aluminum, slate, also works in ink on paper. Produces works on paper: old newspaper, tissue paper ... oil on paper, like the facilities at exhibitions.

Began to show his work in Paris in 2000 in a group show at Les Halles then Vallauris.


2013- 2012- 2011-2010 -2009-2008-2007

Hotel Anne Pisseleu 91150 Etampes 2013
Cultural center of the fluke (37) in September / October 2011
Angers-Tours St Aubin (49) March, 2011
Bellini Gallery - Chartres (28) in May and September 2010 (Gallery closed today)
Castle Barrier Kit - Exhibition Centre - Briare France November 45 December 2009
Priory St Vincent - 28 Chartres France - September 2009
Cultural Center The Visitation - Perigueux France 24 - May June 2008
Workshop gallery Contempora - Riberac France 24
Galeire Eye relief - 24 Brantome France
Castle Exicideuil - France 24


2012-2011-2009-2008-2007 -

Show Garches (91) 2012
"Open 40 art studios Chartres Doors 2012
"Delusions of books-160 Collegiate St. Andrew Chatres artists - artists' books books objects 2011
Châtillon-sur-Loire (45) France
SANILH'ART Notre Dame de France Sanilhac
Boissezon France 81
Gallery Kulturgut - Bochum - Germany
House of Artists Riberac France
Cultural Centre Périgueux France François Mitterrand "Updates" Espositions purchases of FDAC 2007
Our Art Gallery Perigueux France
Festivbal Mixi tea-Dordogne France
Castle Mayac Dordogne France



Purchased by the FDAC Dordogne (department Fund for Contemporary Art) in 2007 Table "Memory" Oil on canvas


in France, Germany, Holland, Spain ...

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